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Extension Cord Hangers

Extension Cord Hangers

Managing Extension Cords

Extension cords can be a real issue within construction, oil & gas, mining, public events (festivals, exhibitions etc). Not only are they unsightly, they also cause major safety hazards to employees and members of the public. There are many ways to manage trailing extension cords including:

  • Cable ramps
  • Cable stands
  • J Hooks
  • Wall Hooks

In today's blog, we're going to take a look at using hangers to manage extension cords.

What is an Extension Cord Hanger?

An extension cord hanger is a product that is specifically designed to hold extension cords off the floor. It does so by having a top hook (to hang from other elements including scaffolding, hand rails, cable basket etc) and a bottom, often smaller hook which holds the cables themselves.

How do I decide which extension cord hanger is best for me?

This all starts with the type of cables that you've got an issue with and how many of them you need to manage. There are all sorts of extension cord hangers with different cable holding capacities that can solve your problem, no matter how big.

It's also important to consider the environment in which you're going to be using the product as in some places, polymer extension cord hangers such as Polypropylene ones are best and in other areas steel ones are best.

The decision between these two comes down to a few different things:


In particular electrical conductivity. Often times, people don't want to have an extension cord hanger that conducts electricity. This could be dangerous if a cable is damaged and the live filament touches the hanger. If the cables that you're looking to manage with a hanger aren't in perfect condition, it might be best for you to use a non-conductive polymer product.


Cables can be very heavy. So before choosing your ideal extension cord hanger, take time to consider the weight of the cords that you'll be holding up. We recommend spacing hangers every 6-9 feet, so think about the amount of weight that the cables will exert every 6-9 ft then look for a product that easily carries that weight. In general, if you're just managing standard construction extension cords, you shouldn't have an issue with plastic.

Melting Point

When managing cables outdoors, the melting point might not necessarily be a consideration. But, when managing them indoors you should put thought as to what dangers could arise if they did melt. In the UK, it's illegal to use just plastic extension cord hangers indoors, because some firefighters have lost their lives after being trapped due to falling cables. So do your extension cords cover fire escapes?

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So there you have it... the major things that you need to consider before purchasing any extension cord hangers. 

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