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About Us

Tidi-Cable was started in 2012 when our CEO was working on a construction site as a Trainee Construction Manager and noticed a massive problem with trailing cables. 

He went to search for solutions that could resolve the issue and couldn’t find anything that would help effectively to avoid risks from Slips, Trips and Falls for the staff on site so started a project making simple solutions to keep his sites safe. 

More than 8 years on, Tidi-Cable now has an international distribution chain providing simple cable management to the construction industry, with a growing number of innovative products to keep sites safe across all stages of construction. 

Recently we have seen such demand originating from the USA we decided to make a specific USA Web Store to better help Job Sites from across the pond! 

Safety Requirements in the USA OSHA Safety & Health Regulations for Construction Under Standard Number 1926.416 all cords should be suitably managed on site so that employees are adequately protected against the safety risks which include:

"1926.416(b)(2) Working spaces, walkways, and similar locations shall be kept clear of cords so as not to create a hazard to employees."

"1926.416(e)(2) Extension cords shall not be fastened with staples, hung from nails, or suspended by wire."

 If you have any questions or need some advice on which products will suit your site best, please get in touch with us.

Supplying the best

We're proud to supply some of the biggest, most-trusted contractors in the USA including: