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Skanska USA Case Study


Here at Tidi-Cable USA, we're delighted when we a customer places an order and we're able to catch up with them to get some feedback. Skanska are an industry leading global contractor, with their head office in Helsinki, Sweden. We've supplied them on projects all over Europe and now in the USA.

We spoke with Michael Harrington to discuss his project, the issues they faced on site and the positive impact Tidi-Cable had.

Contractor: Skanska USA

Site Contact: Michael Harrington, EHS Coordinator

The Project: 320 York Street Renovation, Yale University

Products Used:

Mike's Feedback

We sent Michael the questions below and he came back to us with these answers and the photos of the products in use:

1. What was the problem you had that led to your purchase?
"Subcontractors hung cords incorrectly via using metal tie wire or laying them over metal stud. Plus we have finish work coming up and there wasn’t a feasible way to hang cords"

2. How did Tidi-Cable products help? 
"The variety of cable hangers available was easy to implement on the project. Workers started to use them right away."

3. What has your experience been like working with the staff at Tidi-Cable?
"The staff has been great with helping obtain these hangers."

4. Would you recommend Tidi-Cable to other contractors?
"Yes I would..I have also shared this product already with many of my peers in the EHS field."


We're really proud to have customers such as Skanska USA purchasing and using our products. We've also supplied the leading contractors including Whiting-Turner, Turner Corp, Balfour Beatty and Brasfield & Gorrie.

Does your job-site have issues with cords?

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