What Do OSHA Say About Extension Cords?

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Under Standard Number 1926.416 all cords should be suitably managed on site so that:

 1926.416(b)(2) Working spaces, walkways, and similar locations shall be kept clear of cords so as not to create a hazard to employees.

 1926.416(e)(2) Extension cords shall not be fastened with staples, hung from nails, or suspended by wire.
The two main reasons...


Reducing Tripping hazards
Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of workplace accidents in the US and extension cords are one of the biggest causes. According to Sheep Industry LLC, "A shocking 1 in 6 of all lost-time work injuries result from slips, trips and falls. Nearly 65 percent of these are same-level falls. Protecting the worker from harmful events such as dangerous falls is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Employers must know and comply with OSHA’s regulations." The overall recommendation by safety professionals is to raise cords off the floor, completely removing the risk of tripping over them.

Damaged cords, where the copper inside is exposed, pose a huge risk to construction workers. Cords that are raised off the floor have a reduced risk of abrasion and overall damage. If damaged cords end up damp, in a pool of water for example, this puddle can become electrified and be very dangerous. "A flexible cord may be damaged by door or window edges, by staples and fastenings, by abrasion from adjacent materials, or simply by ageing. If the electrical conductors become exposed, there is a danger of shocks, burns, or fire." - OSHA


The Solution...

Tidi-Cable® 8 HooksTidi-Cable® 8 Hooks
Tidi-Cable® Steel S HooksTidi-Cable® Steel S Hooks
Tidi-Hanger triple safey hook hung over scaffolding to carry temporary extension cordstidi-hanger triple safety hook hanging from a handrail to carry temporary 110v cords
screw in triple safety hook for managing temporary extension cordscorridor kept safe from trip hazard by using tidi-hook to elevate cords
Tidi-Hooks® SteelTidi-Hooks® Steel
Tidi-Patch Grade 1 stuck to brick work using heavy duty adhesive to adhere to rough surfaces and get cords off the ground where there is no-where to hang fromTidi-Patch® Grade 1
Tidi-Patch Magnetic fixed to a steel column to elevate temporary extension cordsTidi-Patch Magnetic safety hook front image