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Tidi-Hanger triple safey hook hung over scaffolding to carry temporary extension cordstidi-hanger triple safety hook hanging from a handrail to carry temporary 110v cords
screw in triple safety hook for managing temporary extension cordscorridor kept safe from trip hazard by using tidi-hook to elevate cords
Tidi-Patch Magnetic fixed to a steel column to elevate temporary extension cordsTidi-Patch Magnetic safety hook front image
Tidi-Cable® Steel S HooksTidi-Cable® Steel S Hooks
Tidi-Patch Grade 1 stuck to brick work using heavy duty adhesive to adhere to rough surfaces and get cords off the ground where there is no-where to hang fromTidi-Patch® Grade 1
Tidi-Hooks® SteelTidi-Hooks® Steel
Tidi-Cable® 8 HooksTidi-Cable® 8 Hooks
Steel Cable Channels - 2x Pig TailsSteel Cable Channels - 2x Pig Tails

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