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Tidi-Hanger triple safey hook hung over scaffolding to carry temporary extension cords
TC-002 Tidi-Hangers®
side image of tidi-hanger triple safety hook
tidi-hanger triple safety hook being used to hang temporary festoon lighting on a construction site
tidi-hanger triple safety hook hanging from a handrail to carry temporary 110v cords

TC-002 Tidi-Hangers®

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255mm (10 inches)


85mm (3.35 inches)

Max Load 

11 lbs

Max Load 

9 x 12mm cables



Manufactured in



Quickly Fix Site Lighting

Most users hang Tidi-Hangers on overhead features, but the screw hole in the side means they can also be fixed to walls. Once in place, the user twists the hanger away, puts in cables and allows it to bend back into position. This secures the cables against the wall without damaging them.

Heavy-Duty Cable Hangers

We designed these heavy duty cable hangers to fit over wire baskets/cable trays, ceiling grids or handrails. They’re non-conductive, recyclable and can hold 11 lbs of weight. Each one has the capacity to hold 9 x 110 volt arctic cables.

The design specifically had 3 hooks to avoid cords being overloading and the material is strong enough to withstand snapping in the construction environment.

Reasonably Practicable

All of our products are made in the UK from the best components and using them will ensure that you’re taking the reasonably practicable steps to keep your site staff safe. Tidi-Hangers® are our best selling product because of their usability!

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the max load?

Each Tidi-Hanger® can hold up to 11 lbs of weight.

How many 110v leads will each one carry?

Each Tidi-Hanger® can support 9 x 1.5mm 3 core 110v cables arctic cables.

What size screw do I need?

If you wish to screw Tidi-Hangers® to the wall, the internal diameter of the screw hole is 5mm.

What’s the diameter of the large hook?

The internal diameter of the large hook is 60mm (2.36 inches), which is perfect for handrails, ceiling grids, doors and cable trays.

What’s the internal diameter of the small hooks?

The internal diameter of the hooks is 23mm (0.9 inches)

Will armoured cable fit in them?

This product isn’t suitable for armoured cable.

Are they available in different colours?

Tidi-Hangers® are available in any colour upon request. There is a minimum of 1000 units for this and a short lead.

Can they be supplied with different fire ratings?

Yes we are able to manufacture the products with different fire ratings upon request.

How far apart should I space them?

Tidi-Hangers® should be spaced every 6 feet.


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