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Tidi-Patch Magnetic fixed to a steel column to elevate temporary extension cords
Tidi-Patch® Magnetic
Tidi-Patch Magnetic fixed to steel to hold a lightweight LED unit
Tidi-Patch Magnetic safety hook front image

Tidi-Patch® Magnetic

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Extremely strong, non-ferrous magnetic cable organizer that enables users to fix cords to steel structures with ease.

  • L: 115mm (4.53in), W:60mm (2.36in)
  • Instant solution
  • Max load 2lb
  • Reusable
  • Recyclable
  • Manufactured in the UK

Holds up to 2lb

The double safety hooks on Tidi-Patches® Magnetic are designed to be used on steel type surfaces, for example, steel framework. The thin yet strong magnet on the back makes the product very secure and also reusable.

Simple to use

Tidi-Patch® Magnetic are simple, easy-to-use safety hooks for steel surfaces. They’re highly visible and are a quick solution to loose extension cords in any workplace with steel beams or steel cladding. This keeps them off the floor and completely removes the risk of people tripping over them.


  • Be cautious of skin pinches when fingers are close to the magnet and steel.
  • Should be kept at a distance from pacemakers and sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Use on Steel Surfaces

All of our products are manufactured in the UK from high quality materials and using them will ensure that you’re taking the ‘reasonably practicable’ steps to keep your site staff safe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What’s the max load? - Each Tidi-Patch® Magnetic can hold up to 2lb of weight.
  • What size screw do I need? - If you wish to screw Tidi-Patch® Magnetic to the wall, the internal diameter of the screw hole is 5mm.
  • What’s the internal diameter of the hooks? -  The internal diameter of the Magnetic is 23mm.
  • Are they available in different colors? - Tidi-Patch® Magnetic is available in any color upon request. There is a minimum of 1000 units for this and a short lead.
  • Can they be supplied with different fire ratings? - Yes, we are able to manufacture the products with different fire ratings upon request.
  • How far apart should I space them? - Tidi-Patch® Magnetic’s should be spaced every 6.5ft.

Please note that prices do not include local customs duty or taxes.

Quality Promise

We’re extremely proud of our product quality. All Tidi-Cable branded products are manufactured in the UK in ISO 9001 factories. Our steel and plastic products are fully recyclable and where possible, made from recycled materials. Once you’re finished on site, simply take our products down and store them for use on your next project or recycle them.